Experienced Psychologist — Helping Children, Adolescents and Adults Lead Happier, Healthier Lives ...


ACADEMIC and MOTIVATIONAL DIFFICULTIES in STUDENTS sometimes escalate and cause family problems. As a child psychology specialist, I'm able to help children and adolescents, as well as parents, deal more effectively with difficult classroom learning problems.


PEER RELATIONSHIPS offer children invaluable opportunities for social development and well-being. Difficulty with friendships can be extremely hurtful. I can help children, teens and adolescents improve social skills, make friends, resist peer pressure, and cope with bullying, teasing, and school harassment.


EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS SHOW UP in CHILDREN as frustration, worry, excessive anger, oppositional behavior, and sadness. This presents a significant challenge to families. I specialize in child psychology and can help children, teens, adolescents and parents deal with their child's emotional problems.


PARENTING DIFFICULTIES CAUSE STRESS and often erode adults' self confidence. Taking care of yourselves and your own needs, while at the same time supporting and taking care of your child's needs, is a challenge for most parents. I draw from my experience as a child psychologist to help parents deal with the stresses of raising their children.


EMOTIONAL ISSUES PLAGUE MOST ADULTS at one time or another. Sometimes the problems are severe. If you struggle in your personal life with issues involving depression, anxiety, or unproductive behavior, I can provide guidance to help you develop effective coping strategies.